Lease Finance

Office Equipment logevity varies according to the asset in question.  The Office MFD (Multi Function Device) is a piece of equipment with a defined life expectation.  It wears out through usage, and the performance diminishes, while the running costs increase.

Corporate bodies have a depreciation policy in which an asset is 'written down' over a period of time- normally 3 or 4 years.

While there are various options available for the acquisition of an asset, the usage of a "lease" to finance office machinery is one that has been in exisitence for several years/decades.

Lease Finance is a perfectly good acquisition vehicle for office equipment, but Caveat emptor. In the hands of the unscrupulous, the inexperienced, the wrong presentation of lease finance contracts can turn out to be severly problematic.

PBS Communications Ltd have acted as middle man/broker for lease finance companies for the twenty seven years of our existence.  We have access to a number of funders, and given the experience of time, the products and support provided by Tower Leasing are the best, and most transparent to the end user, that we have experienced.

PBS have no qualms about presenting a finance request to Tower Leasing