Office Manager

Service Support


1.    All are directly employed by PBS – not sub-contracted
2.    Trained by product manufacturer
3.    None with less than 10 years hands-on experience

Toner cartridges

1.    All are ‘original’ branded toners supplied by the manufacturer
2.    PBS hold stock in our Central London stores at all times
3.    Same day delivery via bike, bicycle or van (Central London)


1.    ‘Fusers’, Maintenance kits, waste collectors, transfer units, image units
2.    Fitted by PBS engineers if you require
3.    Available to purchase for self fitting if preferred

Fixed parts

1.    All ‘non-moving parts’ including circuit boards, power boards are replaced at no extra cost as part of your SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Support for your existing equipment

PBS have a history and culture of offering support packages for equipment already owned (i.e. not supplied by PBS)

  • Have you moved to the Greater London area from another geographical region in the UK?

  • Has your manufacturer warranty (typically 9-12 months) expired?

  • Are you unhappy with the level of service supplied by an existing agent, and wish to consider an alternative provider?

  • Do you feel you are being overcharged for your service support, and would like an alternative costed proposal?

PBS welcome the chance to provide support where some (or all?) of the above are factors. It gives users the opportunity to assess “service” from PBS without having to make a capital equipment purchase.

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