PBS Corporate

PBS Communications Limited (PBS) started trading in January 1991 (27 years ago!).

The original premise was to provide great hardware for photocopying needs.  In subsequent years, the MFD (Multi Function Device) has evolved, and the greater part of the machine usage is now printing and scanning.  Faxing is diminishing fast.

PBS have always recommended the best, most cost effective hardware, and then installed, configured and supported the equipment on customer premises.  Our engineers are manufacturer trained.  This is an ongoing process.

PBS are located in Shoreditch, Central London.  The engineers have immediate, and easy, access to hardware, spares, consumables, toners and office expertise and technical databases. PBS is an integrated service organisation with sales, service, administration and accounts operating from the same office to enable swift and efficent co-ordination of service delivery.

The preferred brands supplied by PBS are Konica Minolta "Bizhub" and Hewlett Packard.

The crucial, and enduring, differentiator that inspired the formation of PBS was the drive to provide hardware and services in a transparent fashion, and to deliver a package that would lead to repeat business, and customer referral.

This motivation has never changed.

PBS do not provide equipment on a "total volume print plan" or a "flexiplan", or any of the financial instruments that combine the use of hardware with volumes of prints, or copies, or scans.  Too many of these sales driven tools have created real anger, and even financial distress in the marketplace.  PBS have never supplied this contract type, and never will. We have a reputation hard won, and we want to preserve this reputation.