• The amount of "photocopying" in offices has reduced significantly since the advent of the Internet.


  • Most corporate and creative commercial organisations send a "laser" print straight to the 'photpcopier'/ multifunction device, and askl for the number of prints/copies at the time of generating the original.


  • Smaller, owner managed business sometimes get by withoiut any photocopying functionality


  • It is important to recognise that the cost of producing an original, first generation print, is exactly the same as producing a "photo-copy"

The latest generation of "multi function devices" make liittle mention of "copying", and never on ther front page of brochures. 'Photo' copyingis simply a single featureof an MFD


Where photocopying is important:

1. Making copies from newspapers and magazines (subject to copyright)

2. Making copes from older journal sources that are not available online

3. In schools and colleges where creative work by teachers, children and students is more widespread

4. Where a written comment/signature has been added to a document

5. Delivery notes/picking lists/validation copies, need by mobile workers

6. The Legal profession - in Court

7. For reducing and enlarging from an original