1. Stand alone Printers

* Market leader (by placements) is Hewlett Packard. PBS are suppliers of HP printers

* “Laser Print” means the use of toner (powder) to make strong, bold prints

* Compact size suitable for restricted space- eg:  on a desktop

2. Multi- function Printers

* One machine combines `laser ` printing with scanning, photocopying.

* A3 output and multiple trays

* Great range and Flexibility of paper weight and styles

3. Colour and Black / White

* Black & White A4 only, single sided ideally suited to stand- alone print

* Colour output most economic on multi function printers

* Support and Service charge on a cost- per page is available on multifunction printers

* Unit cost per page varies enormously, depending on size of printer

4. Consumables

* Laser Printers have self contained cartridges, many of which are user replaceable

Image Unit = Toner and Photoreceptor drum unit

Maintenance Kit = Fuser (heater) unit and rollers

Waste Collector = removal of surplus toner powder.

5. Service Care Pack

* A fixed maintenance charge to cover repairs and service

- guaranteed response times

-  Preventative maintenance annually

-  Your customised  SLA (Service Level Agreement) for your particular needs