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    1. Convert to searchable files

    The text information in scanned documents can be converted into text data via OCR, and that text data can be overlaid onto each file page when the PDF file is generated. In addition to allowing text searching when paper documents have been digitalised, the text data can also be used for secondary applications. Furthermore, the orientation of the document is detected automatically during OCR processing, so that the page direction is automatically adjusted. In addition, the data which has been processed via OCR can also be converted into a file in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.pptx).

    2. Property Settings

    Metadata such as titles and author information can be added to PDF files as separate properties. When encrypting the PDF files, you can select whether or not the property data is to be included in the encrypted data.

    * You must first register the digital certificate to be used for encryption for the device’s e-mail address beforehand. You can use Web Connection to register certificates


    • Call up the Internet direct from the panel of your Bizhub. Gives you effective print on demand. (Note this can be set up for authorised users only)

    • Customise the address books- add photos and/or images as required

    • Metadata. Attach searchable keywords to PDF documents for easy tracing via search engines

    • Document merging at Bizhub control panel. Combine input from different sources and create finished document for print