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Print & Copy Audit


PBS Communications (PBS) are increasingly asked by customers to provide a measurement of the print and copy volume throughput via laser printers and photocopiers.
This is particularly important when machines are capable of outputting in colour and the running costs can be greater.
PBS are experts in working with customers to manage and control the page print volumes.


1) Print Audit
• PBS will set up a “Print Audit Key” (a small unintrusive plug in counter) on your server – AT NO COST.
• All prints from each printer and MFD are tracked for the defined period of assessment (typically 1-2 months).
• A summary of print volumes by machine is produced and the results presented.


2) P Counter


“Follow me” printing
Jobs are held on a server, user authenticates id at chosen MFP and releases job.
•  Machine that is free
• Avoids out of order
• Select machine with necessary function – e.g. Colour/finishing


       Administrator controlled output rights
• Limit no. of pages that can be sent (e.g.) to a desktop laser printer
• Restrict no. of pages user can send in colour
• Restrict document type (e.g. anything HTTP://) for output


• Audit by user
• List of jobs sent – by document type