Purchasing manager

Hardware Acquisition Options

Outright Purchase

1.PBS will supply a written/email quotation that clearly states the purchase price of machines with accessories priced separately as required. 

2.  The quotation will make clear the status of the equipment proposed: New, refurbished, current model, ex – demonstration. 

3.    Manufacturers RRP fully disclosed.

‘Lease’ Finance

1.    You specify the duration of a repayment programme e.g. 3 years, 5 years

2.    A fixed price per month or per quarter is calculated

3.    The underwriter of the contract is a specialist “small ticket” lender
4.    The amount of interest charged is clearly illustrated in conjunction with the capital sum being financed.
5.    Why choose leasing rather than ‘cash’ purchase:
a)    To preserve cashflow for immediate and/or emergency needs.
b)    In the absence of cash reserves
c)    Awaiting considerations. A lease can be fully deductable as an allowance against tax.

Short Term Rental

When are short term rentals appropriate?

1.    If lease finance from a lender is not forthcoming

2.    Start up companies

3.    Finite contracts – up to 3-9 months e.g. on location

4.    Trade exhibitions, galleries, film shoots

5.    As a means to try out equipment functionality prior to making a long term commitment

Billing options

1. All inclusive cost per page

PBS quote a single price per page – for colour and black and white, and supply everything listed in service/support at no extra cost.

2. Annual fixed charge

A fixed charge system is mostly preferred for laser printer and facsimile machines.

3. Non-contract (Time & Materials)

Suited to back-up machines

Suited to very short term future life expectancies

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