Software Solutions

The MFD increasingly acts as the physical host to a number of software add-ons.  The manufacturer of the hardware and third party applications enhance the essential performsancer of the print, scan, copy and fax functionality.

By "Software Solutions" we mean:

* Use of proximity Cards to access and release documnets from the MFD

* Implementation of management software to point computer output to a print server from where the data is downloaded.  The flexibility this affords is sometimes described as "Follow Me" printing

* Special scan softwqre to point documents to more specific folders and filing systems. eCopy, and Documnet Navigator are examples of enhanced scanning functionality

* Searchable PDF facility.  The addition of OCR (Optical character reading) to create files whose contents, drawn from physical documnets, are editable.

* Encryption and Security features.


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Paper Cut


Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and mobile devices are now accepted as playing an essential role in many organizations and are here to stay. However, providing printing support across the varied devices available is challenging as there are many competing technologies with no standardization. Current BYOD printing solutions are problematic because:

  • There are lots of choices

  • They might not be compatible with your printing infrastructure or are difficult to integrate

  • They keep changing

PaperCut NG supports your freedom to design your print network to suit your specific needs. Mobility Print is our newest solution and it will work for most organizations, however, each of our solutions meets a particular need giving you the choice. If using Web Print is the right answer for you, PaperCut will continue to directly integrate with this service. If your users are more comfortable with emailing, Email to Print will be the right choice. More options means a solution more likely to fit into your design.

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SafeQ 5

Y Soft

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