Top 12 Products

The Top 12 Products selection is subjective.  This is a live selection; updated monthly by PBS.

It reflects:

* Products whose combination of specification, performance, and price point are PBS Company favourites

* Products subject to manufactiurer "special" deals, which arise from time to time (financial year end is a likely trigger)

* Products attracting special pricing in advance of their upgrade in the current, live, range

* Products available, reconditioned. "Second Hand"/ "Second User"/ "ex Demonstration"

(there are various terms applied for machines which have, basically, been used before. They are not new)

       > PBS only supply model types whose proven performance history has shown them to be excellent

       > The total number of prints/scans/copies made is crucial. PBS will supply EXACT meter counts

       > The sale price will reflect the number of prints made

       > A service history will be supplied.  This is similar to buying a car. The external appearance is only half the story

* In addition to MFD 'Hardware', the Top 12 Products will include special deals on service packages, 'software' and leasing

Bizhub 4700p

£ 395.00   Special Offer January 2018

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Bizhub C3350

£ 495.00 refurbished

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Bizhub 224e A3 size

£ 850.00 refurbished Low volume

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Lease Finance   From 24-60 months

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Bizhub C227

 £1,650.00 brand new    10000 prints foc January 2018

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Bizhub C258

£2,350.00    10,000 prints foc  January 2018 orders

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Bizhub C658

£6,500-£8,500  range  Configuration to suit user

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Bizhub C458

£4,250-£ 6,500 range   Configuration to suit user

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Bizhub C368


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Bizhub C 3110

£ 385.00 reconditioned  January 2018 arrival

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Bizhub Marketplace

"Apps" from £125

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